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Thank you for your interest in the Germantown Volunteer Fire Department. The following information has been compiled to assist you with the application process.

Applications for individuals new to Fire/Rescue or Emergency Medical Service (EMS) are processed four times per year to correspond with the Volunteer Basic Orientation Course (VBOC) offered by the county. The process can take up to 2 months and membership is not guaranteed.

Individuals with previous Fire/Rescue or EMS experience may apply at any time. Additionally, applications for administrative members are accepted at any time. Please contact the Membership Chair at to initiate the application process when the application form is not available on this page if you fall into either of these categories.

The Application Process consists of the following:

• Application review and reference check
• Panel interview
• Review by the Board of Directors
• Vote by the Department me
• Criminal Background Investigation
• Physical (for operational members) 

Each step in this process occurs on a specific date; therefore, requests to expedite applications cannot be considered except at the discretion of the President. You will not be called at every step in the process. We will contact each applicant should there be a need for additional information or to set up an interview date. The most effective way to communicate any questions is to email

You must provide valid phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses for all employment and personal references. Applications will not move forward if any information is omitted or if references cannot be contacted. We require three (3) references to be listed on the application. Applications with less than three (3) references will not move forward. If you are unemployed, please indicate that on the application. To help expedite the process, please list email addresses on the application for employers and personal references.

Also, please note that the entire application process can be terminated if you have deliberately withheld information or provided erroneous information in an attempt to obscure the truth. Letters of recommendation will be accepted as a reference; however, valid contact information is still required.

If you have prior Fire/Rescue or EMS experience you MUST provide the following:
• Documentation of prior fire, rescue, and/or EMS training if applicable.
• A letter of recommendation from the Chief or President of your organization and/or a valid and reliable means of contacting them.

Panel Interview dates will be provided to the applicant after the application is reviewed and favorable reference check completed. Failure to provide valid personal contact information will result in your application process being delayed or terminated. Due to the complexity of the panel interviews and the time constraints of this process, interview dates are assigned and in most cases cannot be changed. You must confirm your interview date. You may postpone your application process to the next session; however, failure to show up to the interview or late arrivals will most likely result in termination of the application process.

Pending favorable Board of Directors’ review, the applicant will be provided the date and location of the next Monthly Membership Meeting. The membership will then vote on whether to elect the applicant into membership as a probationary member. This is a provisional membership pending completion of the application process. The applicant must be present at this meeting and spouses, parents or guardians are welcome to attend.

Membership is contingent upon a favorable background check. The investigation can take weeks; although, it will not delay your application process. You will be provided the necessary information for obtaining your fingerprints and background investigation documents after being voted into membership. Any delay in obtaining your fingerprints will delay your ability begin probationary training and your membership is NOT guaranteed until the investigation is completed and the results have been received by the Department.

All Fire/Rescue and EMS applicants will be required to complete a physical. The physical is by appointment only and the results may take weeks. Information on how to obtain your physical will be provided after being voted into membership. Please note that the physical will be conducted by the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Occupational Medical Services (FROMS) and will not be used to determine your eligibility for membership but will determine the category of membership for which the applicant is eligible.


Any person eighteen (18) years of age or older will be eligible for membership in this Department, provided they meet all requirements set by the membership.

Any person between sixteen (16) and eighteen (18) years of age living in Montgomery County, Maryland will be eligible for junior membership in the Department provided they have written consent from their parents or legal guardians and meet all requirements set by the membership. Junior Membership is restricted to positions available.

No person shall be denied membership by reason of race, creed, sex, age, religion, national origin, or political affiliation.

Fire / Rescue

This category is available for applicants who wish to serve in all aspects of the Germantown Volunteer Fire Department, including: Firefighter, Emergency Medical Technician, and Paramedic.

This category includes manual and technical work in fire suppression, fire prevention, rescue, and emergency medical services involving duties and responsibilities of an emergency and hazardous nature, which may require the highest level of sustained exertion and agility. Work involves exposure to extreme heat, dirt, low visibility and confined spaces, extreme heights, swift and standing water, disease, dismemberment, and other unpleasant conditions.

Fire and Rescue members will be required to respond to fire alarms and other emergency or service calls and lift, carry, drag, lay and connect hose lines and appliances, hold nozzles and direct fog or water streams, extinguishers, bars, hooks, rope lines, ladders, and other emergency equipment as necessary.

Additionally, Fire/Rescue members will be assigned to EMS duties and will be required to lift, carry, and transport persons in ambulances and otherwise provide efficient and immediate care to the ill or injured at the scene of an incident and during transport.




This category is available for applicants who only wish to serve as Emergency Medical Services Personnel including: Emergency Medical Technician and Paramedic.

Members will be assigned to EMS duties and will be required to lift, carry, and transport persons in ambulances and otherwise provide efficient and immediate care to the ill or injured at the scene of an incident and during transport. EMS members work closely with Fire/Rescue units and may be exposed to many of the same conditions as listed above but will not be permitted to engage in fire suppression or other technical rescue activities.

Administrative Member

This category is available for applicants who do not wish to or may not be able to participate in Fire/Rescue or EMS operations, but still desire to serve their local volunteer fire department. Membership in this category is reserved for persons whose special abilities or skills may be considered beneficial to the Department and/or those who have a desire to participate in fundraising, departmental events, public service events, work details, administrative support, and other non-emergency related functions. Administrative members will not be permitted to participate in fire/rescue or EMS operations.

Junior Member

This category is available for prospective applicants between the ages of 16 and 18, has limited availability and is very competitive. Junior members may pursue Fire/Rescue or EMS training and may be eligible to participate in the various fire/rescue and emergency services duties listed above at the discretion of the Chief. Parental permission is required to pursue this category of membership and certain restrictions apply to participation while school is in session including curfews and grade point average requirements. Letters of recommendations are strongly encouraged for applicants to this category.



You can find the GVFD application here: 




Thank you again for you interest in Germantown Volunteer Fire Department.

If you have any questions regarding Membership, please contact the Membership Chair via e-mail at




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